Fiona Lim

Fiona Lim

Hi, Iā€™m Fiona, a UXUI designer

Iā€™m currently in the process of developing a program to help people with no design background, just like you, learn about user experience and user interface design so that they can get their foot into this industry.

I used to be in the same exact position, and found a way to become a UXUI designer. I am now on a mission to help people like you do the same! That said, by filling out this survey, it will help me tremendously to learn more about beginners who are struggling to learn about design and want to become a UXUI designer.

In exchange for 15 minutes of your time to fill out my survey, I will be selecting 2 lucky people to hop on a FREE 30 minute Get Started with UXUI Game Plan call with me so I can help you solve your problem, absolutely no charge! Closing date will be on 23 Jan 2022. Thank you so much!